HTC's squeezable smartphone, release date, price and specs REVEALED

How will HTC U 11 look like Specs features and more

There's also been a significant design upgrade in the form of waterproofing. The device is, however, late to the IP67 resistance party, which protects it against dust and water splashes. It will be HTC's latest flagship release and is said to feature a unique squeezable frame. Qualcomm's new Snapdragon 835 platform is the first to support two wake word functions, and the U11 is the first phone to take advantage of this new feature.

The HTC U11 comes in a wide range of colours that includes: Amazing Silver, Solar Red, Sapphire Blue, Ice White, and Brilliant Black.

The company has launched variants of U11 with different storage capacities and colours that have a reflection feature similar to that of liquid surface. HTC also says that the U11 has its "best ever" HDR processing as well. Turns out, there's good news and bad for HTC's big flagship of 2017. Its dazzling design will catch your eye in shops, and you might just be willing to take it to checkout.

Both AI assistants are always-listening, and customers can choose to use one of them, both of them or neither of them.

Then again, the extra space of the HTC U11's screen makes it more attractive as a portable video player and gaming machine. The new smartphone is a successor to the HTC 10 but comes with the new super shiny glass design that debuted on the HTC U Ultra and U Play. In contrast, the HTC U11 bakes Alexa in when it comes to calling her. But it is disappointing that there's no ultra-widescreen, bezel-free display like the Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6 to go with that awesome finish.

HTC at the launch event also confirmed that the phone will be launched in India in June and it will come in only one variant with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. Will the new flagship really cost just $60 more?

When it comes to camera tech, the HTC U11 packs a 12MP sensor branded "HTC UltraPixel 3". The front camera is a 16 MP unit which can record 1080p Full HD video, and click panoramic selfies. On the plus side, HTC will ship a USB-C to 3.5mm adapter in the box, so there's that.

Google Assistant is available for a majority of smartphones these days, but here HTC has incorporated its own artificial intelligence based assistant, HTC Sense Companion.

The new phone will also feature Amazon's Alexa voice assistant, joining Google Assistant in providing a smarter experience.

It's set to arrive in July.

That RAM figure may sound troubling, but it doesn't stop the iPhone 7 being one of the fastest phones around. HTC says that the level of force can also be adjusted. Meanwhile the Premium sports a larger 3230mAh battery (versus 3000mAh on the U11) but we suspect fewer pixels and lower performance demands of the U11 might meet that the HTC outlasts the Sony by up to an entire additional day in real-world tests.

Here's a quick breakdown of the main differences between the HTC U11 (2017) and the HTC 10 (2016). This is a new way to interact with the device, and it works by simply squeezing the edge of the phone. The device is powered by the greatest Snapdragon 835 processor, which may help it gain an edge over competitors like LG, who still picked the SD 821 to hastily launch their G6 before the Galaxy S8 lineup. Global pricing for the handset is £649 (around Rs 46,000).