Windows 10 update aims to help identify best photos, videos

There'll be another update to Windows 10 this year, here's what we know so far

When it comes to Microsoft OneDrive, this was one of the most requested features, and it will be coming to the Windows Insiders by summer.

Quite why Microsoft has made a decision to call it the same name is a mystery and rather odd, but perhaps it's because the original Creators Update wasn't as creative (or well received by creators) as was hoped.

Microsoft announced the new update at the Build conference, and it might look a lot different. The feature will be available with the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update that will also unveil a major design overhaul for ageing Windows 10 platform.

We have been telling you for a while now about how Windows is focusing on apps for both iOS and Android. Firstly, there's a new feature called Clipboard, which is a cloud-based feature that basically enables copy and pasting between Windows 10, iOS and Android devices.

Microsoft unveiling an update to Windows 10, adding key features that are likely to benefit users of gadgets that run rival mobile operating systems iOS and Android.

There will also be more connectivity between platforms, the central announcement for this point came when Microsoft announced that iTunes would finally be launching on the Windows Store.

Microsoft also debuted a new mixed reality controller at the conference that will work with multiple upcoming virtual reality headsets to offer mixed reality experiences. In addition to writing about tech, Jonathan has a passion for fitness and nutrition and has previously written for one the UK's leading watch and horology websites. Graph is now rather ill-defined, but appears to be the company's name for cross-device features. FDS, are the tools developers must create applications, and in this case, can bring game-like qualities to interfaces, including layering so that depth can clue you in to how it works by popping elements out at you, and more sophisticated motion and design options.

This also applies to Timeline-supported Microsoft apps running on your smartphone. Story Remix brings your memories, or even your friends' photos and videos together to create stories with a soundtrack, theme, and cinematic transitions. As with other Windows 10 updates, this update will be free for existing Windows 10 users. That is far less than the $3,000 to $5,000 Microsoft has been charging for another mixed reality headset called HoloLens. Of course you can already install iTunes on Windows.