AMD Revealed "EPYC" 32 Core 64 Thread CPUs for Datacenters

AMD Ryzen logo

In the past, a raw number of cores hasn't corresponded well to usable power, but AMD's latest generation of Ryzen CPUs have offered great performance at a price much lower than what Intel can now charge. We know that AMD Zen is scalable and the company can easily release CPUs with more cores and threads. Ryzen 9 has a base clock of 3.2GHz and boosts to 3.8GHz with.

AMD is also highlighting its commitment to avoiding the kind of anti-consumer and completely unnecessary product segmentation that Intel engages in by fusing off features on its chips with the goal of upselling customers who need specific feature sets. The key feature of Ryzen is the number of cores; the higher-end models have eight cores, double the number found in most Intel processors. Jim Anderson, the senior vice president and general manager of AMD's Client and Computing Group teams, said AMD has already received a warm welcome from hardware partners. Where AMD is in a somewhat unique position in mobile is that it makes both modern CPUs and modern GPUs, and there will be APUs that combine Ryzen CPU cores with Vega GPU cores. But, while these are eye-watering prices, they're likely to be below Intel's Core i9 prices. The Core series have been the only regularly available CPUs for anyone looking to build up a beefy PC to run games like Battlefield or Overwatch.

At the moment, there's no word on the cost of Threadripper, but we shouldn't be too surprised if AMD releases it below $1,000.

Only time will tell whether AMD's Epyc moves in the server space will pan out, but we're at least cautiously optimistic.

A 2.2% share rise in its CG segment is significant given the fact that only one series of AMD's Ryzen CPU was on the market and only for one month.

"Ryzen Mobile will have fantastic battery life, you'll see great performance on productivity applications, and it will have phenomenal gaming experience". That kind of overall horsepower is extreme, and there's no other way to look at it: a launch like this could leave Intel dumbfounded.

"We did not work for the last four years to get back in high performance for there to be any skip in our performance". That's quite impressive, but only time will tell if mobile computers with Ryzen Mobile will be much of a threat to laptops with Intel inside.

Across the board, from Ryzen in desktops to EPYC (the new branding for the silicon that was previously code-named Naples) in the datacenter and to Radeon Vega in workstations, AMD is delivering products that the people on the ground seemed to have been craving for.

With these big announcements, Intel should have reason to worry.

What would be even more exciting is the super-long-awaited AMD thin-and-light "Ultrabook"-style device, which is something tech fans have been waiting for since, well, forever".