Ransomware WannaCry to attack Indian banking system soon: Cyber expert

Ransomware Attack Some ATMs Remained Shut Across India to Escape Attack

The WannaCry ransomware malware hit 200,000 victims in 150 countries due to security holes in older Microsoft Windows operating systems.

The term ransomware refers to malicious software that infects or locks a computer, preventing access to files.

In Japan, almost 600 companies, including electronics major Hitachi and automaker Nissan, were reportedly affected by the global ransomware attack, officials confirmed on Monday.

Microsoft President Brad Smith says that the vulnerability exploited by WannaCry was something that the NSA had and was using as a weapon.

The State Bank of Vietnam on May 15 confirmed that no Vietnamese credit institutions were affected by the WannaCry ransomware. "It is very hard to hold software manufacturers accountable for flaws in their products".

Don't open E-mails or links from strangers.

WannaCry uses EternalBlue, which takes advantage of a vulnerability in the SMB protocol, to worm its way through local networks and online.

The attack was the latest in the growing menace of ransomware in which hackers deliver files to computers that automatically encrypt their data, making it unusable until a ransom is paid. The hackers staging the onslaught, the official said, "have broken ranks with a foreign intelligence service", apparently referring to the National Security Agency (NSA) of the United States.

This includes whitelisting certain websites and software so only approved programs can run on a computer, or disabling administrative privileges on a company's machines so that only the IT department can download programs.

What versions of Windows are affected?

Over the weekend the company took the unusual step of releasing a similar patch for Windows XP, which the company announced in 2014 it would no longer support.

For those running Windows 10 or Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 systems, which has automatic updates turned on, you'll remain protected from WannaCry.

However, Bossert warned that following the patching advice from Microsoft and the Federal Bureau of Investigation should be a top priority to stop the spread of ransomware, which has hit a number of large-profile companies, including FedEx. "We have seen earlier that black hats would mainly attack and deface Indian websites but now the objective is mainly money", reported Business Insider. Accordingly, here are five things that all businesses can do. "Free versions are good, but they don't protect you as much as the pay versions". It seems that attacks are getting more risky and sophisticated and there's never any guarantee that paying the required ransom will actually restore access to the files.

But cyber security experts still think this victory is short lived.