Football Reporters Online Blog How Much Does Epoxy Resin Flooring Cost?

How Much Does Epoxy Resin Flooring Cost?

epoxy resin flooring near me

When considering epoxy resin flooring near me that is durable, long-lasting and beautiful, epoxy flooring is a great choice. Its longevity and durability are far superior to other floor options in commercial and industrial environments. It also offers a lower total cost of ownership and ROI compared to other flooring systems.

However, not all epoxy floors are created equal, and varying material costs can affect the final price of an installed resinous flooring system. The biggest factor in determining your final floor cost will be the concrete slab that needs to be prepped and prepared prior to the installation of the epoxy coating. The contractor will use various media to prepare the slab including diamond grinding, jack hammers and scraping tools to remove any dirt, oil or other contaminants that may impact the lifespan of your resinous system.

The Ultimate Guide to Locating Epoxy Flooring Services in Your Area

Once the slab is properly prepared, it is ready for the body coat that provides thickness and strength. The base coat is then broadcast with color and textures to add visual appeal to the floor, while providing an abrasion and stain resistant surface. A topcoat is then applied to protect the floor from chemical spills, harsh cleansers and other chemicals that can corrode the concrete surface.

Metallic epoxy is an affordable decorative floor option that creates one of a kind designs and colors for your floors. Metallic pigments are blended into the self-leveling epoxy while curing to produce unique and stylish flooring that looks like granite, marble, wood grains and even lava flows.

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