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Calcium Supplements After Bariatric Surgery

bariatric calcium citrate

Calcium is one of the most important minerals in the body. It’s found primarily in bone and teeth, but is also essential for nerve function and blood vessel contraction. It’s also necessary for the balance of several hormones and enzymes.

After bariatric calcium citrate | Bariatric Fusion, many patients experience reduced stomach acid levels that negatively impact the absorption of key nutrients like calcium. This can lead to a deficiency that could result in osteoporosis or other bone issues.

The type of calcium you take after surgery is especially important because it has a direct impact on the amount of calcium your body can absorb and fend off deficiencies. The two most common types of calcium supplements are calcium carbonate and calcium citrate.

A Guide to Bariatric Fusion’s High-Quality Supplements

Both are natural forms of calcium, but a major difference between the two is that the former requires stomach acid to be absorbed into the body. It is also known to cause heartburn and indigestion in some people.

Since gastric bypass reduces the production of stomach acid, calcium citrate is the preferred form of calcium for patients who have undergone a bowel bypass. It is absorbed better and more efficiently than calcium carbonate because it doesn’t need to be broken down in the stomach. This makes it easier for bariatric patients to absorb, which is an important factor when trying to prevent calcium deficiencies. For the best results, choose a supplement that contains both calcium citrate and vitamin D to ensure optimal absorption of this important mineral.

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