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Car Park Line Marking

car park line markingCar park line marking  is an underrated aspect of parking area management. It helps to organise cars and prevent small accidents, while ensuring that there is adequate space for drivers. These marks include parking bays, directional arrows, no-parking zones, loading areas and fire lanes.

Aside from safety protocols, proper car park line marking is also essential for optimum space utilisation and meeting regulatory standards. This involves a survey of the area, including entry and exit points, to determine the amount of space that can be accommodated. It also involves identifying areas that need specialised markings, such as disabled spaces and parent & child bays, which are indicated by a wheelchair or pram symbol respectively.

Creating Order in Chaos: How Car Park Line Marking Enhances Safety

Depending on the material and application, parking line markings can last for several years. However, they can also deteriorate over time, so it’s important to carry out regular maintenance and inspections. For example, keeping the surface clean prevents dirt and debris from obscuring the markings. Also, choosing high-quality paints that resist fading will prolong the longevity of the lines.

Generally, there are two types of car park line marking paints: water-based and oil-based. The former is suitable for most surfaces, including concrete and tarmac, and is quick to dry. The latter is better for wet conditions and requires a solvent for cleaning. Alternatively, thermoplastic lines are also available, which have a much longer life and are ideal for heavy-duty use. These are ideal for car parks and commercial properties.

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Playground Rubber Safety Surfacing will help keep your children safe while they are playing. It will cushion their falls and provide a soft landing under equipment. This will minimize the risk of serious head injury, a common cause of playground-related injuries. In fact, according to the National Safety Council, “Improper protective surfaces” rank first among playground hazards that need to be addressed.

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Poured in place rubber is a more expensive option that provides superior coverage. It also offers the ability to customize a design and color scheme that will complement any design theme. This is a great choice for schools that want to make their playgrounds look attractive, as well as those looking to create a surfacing that is ADA-compliant for individuals with mobility challenges.

Poured in place rubber surfacing should be installed by a professional playground installer near you to ensure that it is done correctly. A properly-installed poured in place surface will be durable, slip resistant, long lasting, and safe for all users.